Red Funny Plasma Car Even Adult Love Them

awesome plasma carReady to get some fun rides indoor or outdoor on a super cool car? PlasmaCar is the best ride-on toy car we found which your kids will surely love! In fact, even older kids and some adults enjoy riding them. It is all mechanical and steered using hands – no pedals, no gears, no batteries.







What is PlasmaCar

It is an innovative ride-on toy car that utilizes the natural forces for movement with no batteries, gears or pedals required. The ride is simple! You just have to wiggle the front steering wheel that is attached to two pivoting wheels touching the ground in order to steer ahead or reverse. It was designed for children above 3 years old, but adult below 200 lbs can ride on them as well. It has a patented safety seat design that places the rider in a comfortable and safe position that minimizes falling. It can be used indoor or outdoor on a smooth and flat surface.

GREAT Things About PlasmaCar

  • It is absolutely safe and not easy to fall off the car
  • It is very SIMPLE – No need to learn how to operate, kids can steer on it right away
  • It is quiet, you only hear the sound of its wheels, perfect for used indoor with limited space
  • Great ways to exhaust the kids and get them sweat; pure energy and fun!
  • Limited playability, check out the video at the bottom of the page

Not So GREAT Things About PlasmaCar

  • It gets bumpy on sidewalks with lots of cracks and can’t move on grass
  • You cannot use it on wood floors as it will scratch them
  • Some said the original wheels can scratch your indoor flooring after being used outdoor (unless you replace the wheel with a better Plasma Car Replacement Wheels)

Loved This Review Video From Kids