Philips Avent Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor – SCD560/10

Philips Avent Baby MonitorAt this page, you will find review for the Philips Avent Baby Monitor SCD560/10 with temperature sensor. It is our SECOND digital audio baby monitor recommended, it has all the features of VTech DM221 but slightly more costly due to additional sensor and functions. We will go through each features, their benefits and customer opinion and you can decide whether worth to spend additional money for the additional features.

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Listed are the features:

  • Zero interference and private connection: DECT technology
  • Temperature sensor that can be customized
  • Night light and lullabies
  • Talk back feature
  • Range of up to 330 meters

Similar to the previously reviewed VTech DM221 and Motorola MBP8, Philips Avent SCD560/10 uses the same DECT technology that achieve reliable zero interference and 100% privacy connection. As a result of that, it delivers crystal clear sound quality where you can hear your baby anytime. There are four sensitivity level for additional customization to suite individual monitoring need at different time.

Generally, the unit can support operating range up to 1000 feet for outdoor and about 150 feet for indoor with obstacles. However, the actual range might varies depends on surrounding and factors that may cause interference. With the out of range alert, it will give you peace of mind to be sure you are always connected to your baby. There is a lanyard for the parent unit so that it can be carried around the house and the battery can last for 18 hours. There is light indication level on it that shows the sound level in the baby room even when it is muted.

Apart from the basic features above, here are some additional advance features of the units that is not available for most basic audio baby monitors.

Temperature Monitor

As baby cannot regulate their body temperature as well as adult and they will become restless even with slight climate change. The temperature sensor of the base unit can be customized to monitor the baby room at desired reading and alert on the climate change.

Walkie-Talkie Liked Feature

Sometimes the baby just need to hear the sound of the mother to get calm. With this feature, it allows parent to connect and talk to their baby from anywhere around the house.



  • Clear sound with no white noise
  • Reliable and consistent stable connection at good distance
  • Extra baby calming features of talk-balk, night light and lullabies


  • Temperature alarm is too soft to wake you up
  • Heat from night light on the baby unit may trigger false alarm
  • LCD on parent unit is not easy to read especially at night (VTech DM221 is better)


Our Verdict:

If you need the additional temperature sensor feature for the peace of mind, this is the perfect choice. Other than that, the rest of the features and sound clarity are about the same in VTech DM221 Baby Monitor ($30 as compared to $85) that we commended earlier.

Customer Opinion:

The review of the Philips Avent Baby Monitor SCD560 are great for the most part. You will see mainly 4 and 5 Star reviews at but we do spot a few bad reviews complaining about their units not functioning within a year. We double check product warranty information from Philip and it does give 24 months warranty to baby monitor products. Hence, we do not think you should worry about few bad reviews since it is covered by the warranty.

Best Saving:

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