Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby MonitorThis review will cover the most basis version of audio baby monitor that comes with child and parent units that both powered by wall plug-in only. If you are on a tight budget or wish to use it without require much location switching, this may sound like a good alternative to the VTech DM221. We will walk you through exactly what you can expect from the product and tell you the pro and con so that you can decide for yourself whether it fits your need.

Main features:

  • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
  • 120 Channels.
  • Up To 200 feet range indoor or 1000 feet outdoor
  • Out of Range Indicator.
  • Privacy Feature.

This audio monitor uses the same DECT radio technology like the Philips Avent Baby Monitor to eliminate interference that enable parent to hear crystal clear sound of their baby from another room. We will run through the main features and tell you three main points why we think it will be great choice for the bucks. You can also click here and go straight through the Amazon listing for Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Monitor if you want to check out right away.

The package comes with one baby unit and one parent unit, both need to be plugged into power outlet. The base unit should be plug into power outlet in baby room not more than 3 feet from baby’s crib while the parent unit can be plugged into any outlet wherever you want to monitor. Listed are the main features you can get from this basic unit.

Very Simple Setup

This is the model with easiest setup and involve the least accessories (no power adapter). Firstly, the base unit is plugged in and powered on in the baby room. Then, the parent unit is plugged in at intended area and long pressed till the link indicator light is on where it will auto search and link to baby unit.

Clear & Secured Sound

The sound from baby is clear with no static noise thanks to the highly sensitive microphone and DECT technology. Voice data is digitally secured without and protected from unauthorized access.

Sound Level Indication

There are 5 level of sound-activated lights indication on parent unit depends on the audio level picked up from the child. This is very helpful and enable you to keep track of your infant while you are doing house chores like vacuuming or listen to music.

Customer Opinion:

We had a look at customer’s opinion of the Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Monitor and they love it. The reviews on Amazon were mainly 5 star with majority complimenting the sound quality and range supported.  The only drawback would be mobility where the parent unit cannot be carried around easily as it has to be plugged into the power outlet. There are a few bad reviews about the reception quality and LED lightning but it is just very few reviews. We feel you should really check it out and you will be really happy with it, especially at the LOW price of under $20 for good quality product from Motorola.