Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor

Graco 2M20VIB baby monitorThis page will give you a look at the Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitorand tell you what to expect from this baby monitor. We will give you full overview of the features and benefits you can get out of it and most important customer opinion about the product and tell you what users are saying about the product.

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Here is an overview of the features:

  • Extended 2000 feet range gives you plenty of room to roam.
  • Features advanced, secure digital technology for optimal clarity, performance and privacy.
  • Operates on the 900 MHz frequency, which means no interference from phones or microwaves.
  • Exclusive sound lights alert you to baby’s call, even with volume turned off.
  • Lights intensify with baby’s sound, so you’re always in sync with your little one.
  • Includes one parent unit, with a convenient belt clip, to keep your hands free.
  • Low-battery and out of range alarm alerts

As compared to VTech DM221 and Motorola MBP8, Graco 2M19VIB (single parent unit model) DOES NOT use DECT digital wireless technology in their baby monitor. They operate on the 900 MHz frequency using their protected digital technology to give safe and optimum clarify without interference from phones or wireless network. If you need two parent units, get the Graco 2M20VIB model.

We found two unique features from the unit that we think is worth mentioning. Firstly, it can support range up to 2000 feet instead of typical 1000 feet from most models in the market. This is indeed one of the key point if you have a large house over 50 meter or having more than two floors.

Second unique feature is both nursery and parent unit can run on AC Adapter and battery. Hence, when there is power failure, you can still have both units running under battery as backup. It also gives additional flexibility to monitor your baby outside of baby room at location that did not have power socket within 2-3 feet away.

Main features of Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor:

Private & Secure Connection

Parent unit is paired with nursery unit at the factory using advance and secure digital technology to establish private data connection only between paired units. If new additional unit bought, you need to follow the steps listed in instruction manual to pair them.

Complete Household Coverage & Free Moving Around

With the 900 Mhz frequency, interferences with wireless devices and household electronics at home is cut down to the minimum to give clear signal. Thanks to the belt clip-on of the parent unit and 2,000 feet distance supported, parent can move around the home freely while infant is taking nap.

Light Indication & Vibrating Alert

Sometimes, it may not be convenient to hear baby’s call and you can monitor the baby sound level through the sound light level. If you are not even be able to watch, turn on the alert vibration on parent unit so that you get notified whenever the baby cry. Additional light indication includes low battery and out of range alerts.


  • Easy to pair and setup
  • Good signal and has good distance
  • Super sensitive and great sound quality
  • Base unit can run on battery during power failure


  • Power Adapter support 120V only


The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor is an excellent choice of digital audio baby monitor on low budget – if you did not like our top choice which was the VTech DM221 Digital Audio Baby Monitor, you should check this choice out as it gives you additional 1,000 feet coverage range and extra flexibility for the nursery unit to run on battery.

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Customer Opinion:

The customer opinion of the Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor is very good and you will see that it has lots of five star feedback. Most customers like the long range reception and clarity of the sound. There are a few bad reviews about static noises due to interfering with home WIFI but we feel you should not worry much on that as the channels can be changed by pressing the channel button on the side of the nursery unit up to 6 times till a good channel is found. This is indeed our second best choice of audio baby monitor under $50 range.

Best Deal on The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor:

At the time of review, you can buy this baby monitor for $30.50 and it give you 32% SAVING over normal list price in the market. However, this does change from time to time so be fast.