Choosing The Right Baby Safety Monitors

infant monitorsGetting a right baby monitor is something that most new parent have to deal with nowadays. In this article, we will answer some of the common questions about this including why it is needed, type of monitors and factors to consider before making the purchase decision.

Why You Need Baby Monitor

Parents cannot always stay beside their baby. The father will likely be out for work while the mother are going to be very busy performing other household chores. Secondly, even if they are along with their infant, it is not practical for them to watch over the baby each moment.

Using baby monitors, it is possible to reduce the manual monitoring, stress and avoid parents from being overwhelmed. Moreover, the recording video baby monitor is sold with recorders where it can be rewind and find out more any time after that. All these monitoring devices make sure parents are relaxed simply because they understand that their little baby remains safe and secure inside the nursery room while they have been in another room inside the home.

Type of Infant Monitor

Next question typically asked is what types of baby monitor one will likely be required. Two major categories are audio and video baby monitor. Sound monitor is the most basic type of devices to give parent the ability to hear their baby without hassle of setup. It is also less overwhelmed as compared to the baby monitor with camera where one can get obsessed with watching their infant on the display.

Video monitors, in an extra expense, present not solely sound, but also video extracted from a tiny digital camera that attaches towards the crib, wall or desk in the area, and dispatched to the mum or dad unit screen. This enables them to watch their children during another room or watch the nanny taking care of their children. In addition, they normally include great options such as talkback to your child, temperature monitor, and multiple cameras to single display for monitoring twins or triplets.

A baby breathing monitor is often a medical device which is authorized by the medical authority. It’s primarily functions is to keep an eye on a baby’s heart rate and recommended for babies below age of one. The device features a burglar alarm mechanism that may be activated whenever the product detects when the baby has stopped breathing or has significantly delayed heartbeat. This type of device is ideal baby monitor for moms and dads having children with medical condition as it can assist in preventing sudden death in babies.

Key Factors To Consider

Whatever the reasons, baby monitors are getting to be one of many need to have items for many households. However, having the unsecured product or improper setup can turn the watcher becomes the one being watched?

Security Features

An infant monitor that was hooked up to the wireless Internet can be sitting duck for any hacker. There had been many cases where WIFI baby monitor was hacked to observe children as they slept, some even to the extent of saying some awful sexual explicit things through the monitor. All VTech baby monitors features VTech Safe And Sound security capability have this concern addressed.

Adjustable View with Night Vision

If you have decided to purchase baby monitor with camera, it is recommended to invest few more bucks on the one that can be attached to child’s crib or bed with adjustable position and night vision. With that, you can have accurate image of your children regardless of what section of the room they are located even at night time.

Clear Sound

Cheaper monitors work at frequency of 49 Mhz usually have a lots of signal interference and noise where you may pick up phone calls from cellphones. To avoid these problems, one should go for monitors operating at 900 Mhz and above. Monitors using DECT technology like the one recommended in our Audio Baby Monitor Reviews, have good noise reduction and interference-free.

Adjustable Volume

Every parent wants to be known the seconds their baby is unhappy, but you will want a unit that features adjustable volume for practical reasons. It is no fun having to wake up due to the sound of your baby rattling some toys or some other background noises.

Battery Life

Battery life is another aspect to consider especially on the parent unit that is portable and carried around in the house. Typically, minimum battery life of 14 hours is recommended. Of course, if one does not need portability, they can find systems that plugged into an outlet all the time such as the recommended Motorola Audio Baby Monitor.

Range of Coverage

As for audio monitor, range of coverage is important. If you live in the apartment building, or area with high density, you will need a unit that could provide you with a larger range frequency, simply because you do not want to suffer from the hassle of interference from monitoring systems in other apartments close by. This will avoid having a bad signals or receiving baby sound of your neighbor.  Check out Graco Long Range Baby Monitor if you have a large house or multiple floors.


Like all other baby products you get, the infant monitor you select should match your lifestyle and your family needs. So before you acquire one, ask yourself what is important and what features you would like. This will help you better pick the model that is right for you. If you want to find out features of some of the top rated baby monitors, then take a look at our Best Baby Monitor Reviews.