5 Best Food Losing Baby Weight Without Losing Milk Supply

When I nurse my second baby, I finally found the diets that help me to lose the baby weight while still having overflow of milk supply for my little one. In just short 2 months, I had shade the weight gained from delivery. I felt blessed, contented and proud.


Just like any ordinary mom, I felt worry of decrease milk supply when losing weight of taking less calories. My number one goal is to feed my baby, then only myself. That is why I need to make sure i eat enough nutrient.


 5 Recipes of Losing Baby Weight Without Decreasing Milk Supply


Why? It is full of fiber and iron which make you feel full for longer period. It also slow down your digestion process and lower your blood sugar. Iron intake is extremely important because lacking of it can cause anemia and lower mother’s milk supply.



Beta carotene in carrots is a major ingredients helping nursing mom to produce breast milk. Not to mention it is super healthy, low-calories and high in fiber. Roasted carrot tastes yummy if you know what i mean : )



I feel like “Popeyes the sailor man” when i consumed this, haha!. It is rich in iron and full with other nutrients that are important to keep our body healthy. I frequently put piles and piles of spinach in a pan to satee quick with a little salt, pepper and butter.


Almond Milk

I only realized lately that almond milk actually gave more calcium than milk itself. Besides, it also has lots of Vitamin A, E, D as well as healthy fats that provide consistent flow of milk supply. It is definitely a perfect nutrient booster and weight buster.

Smoothies are a fabulous way to consume a lot of spinach, almond milk and berries for a busy mom. I like to warm almond milk up, or steam it, then add a hot chocolate pack to it! Its so good in the winter, and your getting some valuable liquid nutrients in to encourage milk production, while helping you keep your tummy full with low calorie nutrients!



Yeeyak! Most people hate the taste, me too. However, this is really milk mom’s best friend. What I did was to mix it with berry drink or milk tea, you can figure out the best mixture that suite you.